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Dive Spots


King Fisher Reef

Adjoining the King Fisher Lodge. Ideal for the first scuba dive in Cape Verde or to start your diving course.

Chinese Wall
At the exit of the large bay in Tarrafal. A small, but long wall descends to a maximum depth of 18 meters, Perfect for macro photography. You'll see Frog Fish, slugs, Octopus and arrow crabs. Returning to the entry point you will once again get to view this impressive natural wall.

Ponta Atum North
Slowly dropping, with several overhangs, it is home to swarms of West African tang and trumpet fish. There is a cave with beautiful cover, full of yellow coral. It is also very easy to dive into the caves. Bearded brotula and Atlantic lobsters are inside. Maximum Depth is 25 meters.

Ponta Atum South
Entering at the same point as Ponta Atum, you dive away from the overhangs to a particular rock. You'll see different schools of sardines, which are hunted by tuna and mackerel, very rich in fish! The maximum Depth is of about 35 meters.

This site slopes down to loose rocks at around 25 meters, occasionally with a soft current. Groups of file fish, different kinds of morays as well as large porcupine fish, groups of trigger and trumpet fish are often found.

Three Rocks
This site offers the possibility of at least three different diving trips at the same place. There are overhangs, walls, columns and passages. With a slightly strong current, this site is for experienced divers only, but is rich in marine life with tuna and mackerel often hunting. The maximum dive depth is about 40 meters.

Le Arc
With its beautiful arch at 9m, it forms the start to the drop off. In the arch are always swarms of West African tang and trumpet fish. The bottom is full of bristle worms. The wall continues to fall, down to 25 metres. In the wall are a lot of cleaning stations with arrow crabs, shrimps and small slugs, which are cleaning morays, small grouper, comber or West African Tang. At the end, there are several small tunnels to dive across. Good buoyancy important. Also a good spot for night dive.

The Wall One
A Continuation of "Le Arc". There are schools of fish and hunting mackerel. You can dive around large rocks, before the wall continues. The whole wall is full of life. Macro or fish portrait - that is here the question. Depth of about 35 meters maximum.

The Wall Two
A Further continuation of the long wall with more holes and columns, but with easier over-hanging. Schools of different fish follow the wall downwards - partly one not ending game. Depth of about 35 meters maximum.

This rocky landscape, with many holes, gives you the opportunity to look inside or even dive through. In small columns, the experienced eye may even see different octopus. With a little piece of luck a stingray lies in one of the larger columns. Depth of about 20 meters maximum.

Black Jack
the reef start in about 18 m and is therefore not for beginners. A beautiful drop off with small holes and columns. There are often hunting macherels.

is a small plateau in 36 m (blue water descent). Because of the depth it is shorter dive with a big chance to see Amberjack cloose to 2 m. Only for experience divers.

in effect are 3 dive spots - direction West (deep direction) some sand sandy parts with different rocks; possible to see stingray or schools of fishes - direction North a relaxed dive along the coast; if there is current it is possible to change and do an easy drift - at the South is perfect for beginners or for an easy second dive.

Yellow Corner
beautiful wall; partly from top to bottom covered with yellow cup coral. Can not always be approached due to weather.

an ideal place for an easy and slowly dive. Max depth 18 m and thus well suitable for the 2nd dive.

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