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General information about Cape Verde islands

Surface: 4,033 km², inhabitants: approx. 500,000, position: between 14°48' and 17°12' northern latitude and 22°40' and 25°22' western latitude, approx. 550 km before the West African coast - height of Senegal. Number of islands: 10, of it 9 inhabits.
Climate: Subtropical, because of Gulf Stream very mildly, rain time approx. July - September with isolated precipitation. Water temperatures: between 21° (winters) and 27° (summer/autumn)
Flying time: approx. 7 hours from Paris/London, Vaccination: none prescribed
Telephone: National dial 00238, dial to England 0043. Condition of entry: Visa over tour operators or directly at the airport available.
Religion: 96% catholic. Currency: Escudo (firm exchange rate to the euro with 110,265). Language: official language is Portuguese and Creol (new), colloquial language: Creol; English and French is partly spoken, German very rarely.
System of government: Republic since 1975 (5 July independence day), before Portuguese colony. Capital: Praia/island Santiago
The island Santiago

With a surface of 991 km² is Santiago the largest island of Cape Verde, in the center of the southern "Sotavento" - islands. Approximately 200,000 people live at Santiago. The capital is Praia with the seat of the government and the international airport.
Its highest point is "Pico do Antonio" at 1,392 meters. Santiago has many green valleys which are used frequently for agriculture.

Worth seeing
• Praia: the plateau with a lot of small shops, the fruit and vegetable market and the wonderful view over the bay.
• Cidade Velha (approx. 10 kilometers of Praia), first capital and oldest settlement in Cape Verde with the "pillar for slaves" (column Pelourino), the oldest church of Africa (cathedral, commencement of construction 1555), a further smaller church in a green side valley, one for tourist purpose reconditioned, but no longer active distillery for Groge (sugarcane liquor) and the fort "Real de São Filipe" with its cannons and fantastic view.
• Serra Malagueta is the ideal starting point for various Trekking tours.
• Ribeira de Santa Cruz with its old tree, estimated to be over 1,200 years old and stand over 40 meters in height.
• Tarrafal with the probably most beautiful beach Cape Verde

Tarrafal, home to 14,000 locals and our dive center, lies approx. 70 road km's, north of Praia, at the northwest coast of Santiago, in a protected bay and under "Monte Graciosa" at 645 meters high, the small town has developed around its pretty main square and baroque church.
• Accommodations: King Fisher apartments are situated directly next to the sea. Nearby is hotel Tarrafal Residence, also situated alongside the beach. Also in Terrafal is Hotel Baia Verde, a boarding-house, Sol Marina, boarding-house Tata, boarding-house Mille Nuits, B&B pension Casa Strela and private rooms/apartments.   
• Restaurant: Small restaurants are situated all around Tarrafal, with lots of fresh fish on the menu.
• Sport and free time: diving, fishing, mopeds, trekking, snorkeling, Mountain bike, Kayak, bathing
• Trips in the proximity: Move at the Serra Malagueta, migration to the lighthouse Ponta Preta, inspection of the former punishing camp "Colonia Penal de Tarrafal"
• Medical supply: Hospital ward in Tarrafal, hospitals in Praia and Assomada.
• Beaches: bright sandy beach directly in Tarrafal (sometimes at the weekend it can get busy) or in the direction of Ribera de Prata (a few kilometers away from Tarrafal) dark sand beach; both beaches with shadow through palm trees.
• Bank: It is open from Monday to Friday of 8 to 15 o'clock; it has a cash-point dispenser, removal with visa card possible (Pin number required).
• Post office: It is open from Monday to Friday of 8 to 15 o'clock.
• Market: Two times a week (Monday and Thursday) small market in Tarrafal

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